Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia (Belgrade)

The Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia (CCIS) is independent, modern and responsible non-budget institution, the national association of all Serbian businesses which its tradition, experience, and knowledge put in the best interest of its members and the economy of Serbia. I t was founded 1857. I t was the first commercial association called “Trade Board”.
The main activities of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce & Industry are on the following fields.


  • Representing the interests of economy before the Government and the other state bodies and institutions.
  • Internationalization – through improvement of international economic cooperation and promotion of Serbia, as a good investment destination and the Serbian economy in the region and abroad.
  • Support to domestic and international companies through services, mediation, consulting, and business information.
  • Business training aimed at improvement of competences and skills of employees and managers, capacity building and strengthening of competitiveness of domestic economy in the European Union association progress.