Vaela Pallas *** (Pieria – Elatochori)

Vaela Pallas - Tourism Plus Client

The Cultural Resort Vaela Pallas is embraced by the traditional settlement of Palaio Elatochori in Pieria.
It gazes the peaks of Olympus and the sea of Pieria. It breathes the freshness of the nearby forest and it is generously lightened by the Greek light.


The unique rooms and suites of the Cultural Resort Vaela Pallas are inspired by special places around the world.
They are a journey to cultures of other countries, a going back in time and they give you the opportunity to feel a special revitalization…


Listen to the wonderful sounds of the forest, sleep in the arms of the stars of Olympus, travel to different places and leave yourselves to the Vaela Pallas family, who has created a unique destination: The Cultural Resort Vaela Pallas.